Cannabis News out of the US Senate | June 2023

Cannabis News out of the US Senate | June 2023 Cannabis News. Senate Banking Committee to Vote on Marijuana Banking Bill in Two to Three Weeks The Senate Banking Committee is expected to vote on a bipartisan marijuana banking bill in the next two to three weeks. The bill, known as the Secure and Fair […]

Federal Cannabis Legalization News June 2023

Federal Cannabis Legalization News June 2023 Cannabis legalization is a hot topic across the world. In recent news, Mexico and Canada have both passed legislation that will legalize recreational use of cannabis. The move marks the first time in history that two of North America’s largest countries have taken such action to regulate the drug’s […]

Federal Legalization News

Federal Legalization News The news of federal cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation, bringing with it a tidal wave of optimism and enthusiasm. Many stakeholders in the marijuana industry have been eagerly awaiting this moment and are now celebrating the long-awaited move to legalize at the federal level. This historic change comes as part of […]

Federal Cannabis News

Federal Cannabis News We have gathered the latest cannabis news from around the globe and bring forth to you the most​ delectable and enthralling stories of the week. Recently, announcements have been made by the Justice Department regarding cannabis, Congress​ released details of their newest spending bill, and New York is giving assistance to their […]

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