Cannabis Election Results for 2023 | Cannabis News – CLN Podcast November 2023

Cannabis News

Elections were held this week and yielded some promising results for cannabis in several states. Another state joined the list of those that have legalized cannabis for adult-use, while others approved medical cannabis and cannabis decriminalization. This is a positive step for the progress of cannabis reform in the United States. Latest cannabis news updates. […]

The New Marijuana Legalization Bill: What You Need To Know | Cannabis News 2023

legalize cannabis

  The new marijuana legalization bill to federally legalize cannabis was reintroduced to Congress by Rep. Mace last week calling for the amendment of the Controlled Substance Act. This latest measure, known as the STATES Reform Act is one of several legislative attempts to ease federal restrictions on what is still currently a Schedule I […]

The Latest Federal Cannabis Legalization Updates | Tom & Miggy on the Road

Cannabis Legalization

This week Tom & Miggy are on the road and cover new federal workplace guidelines and cannabis legalization updates for THC testing do not create any new laws. Rather, they clarify that medical marijuana use is not a protected activity under federal law, and that employers are still able to fire employees for testing positive […]

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