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Monthly Archives: September, 2020

How to Troll Dispensary Scammers

Remember that story about Washington State dispensaries being hit by scammers? Well, Miggy just scammed the scammers.   https://youtu.be/syloDEPn7T4

MORE Act Vote Delayed – Justice Denied.

MORE Act Vote Delayed - Justice Denied. https://www.cannabisindustrylawyer.co... What is the MORE Act? The MORE Act will be voted on by the House of Representatives this...

Buying and Selling a Cannabis Business – Licenses, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Buying and selling a cannabis business is becoming a popular option for entrepreneurs. Gino Rodrigues from MMJ Business Solutions joins to discuss preparing your...

Washington Dispensaries Hit by Scammers

Budtenders beware! There's a new scam hitting Washington State dispensaries. Miggy420 discusses the new scam and what to look out for if a mysterious...

How A “Special Legislation” Clause Action Could Blow up IL’s Dispensary Licensee process.

The special legislation clause of the Illinois Constitution provides: "The General Assembly shall pass no special or local law when a general law is...

How to Expunge Your Record – National Expungement Week with Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition

National Expungement Week is September 19 - 26! Alex Boutros and Mo Will from Cannabis Equity Illinois join to talk criminal justice reform and...

Minnesota Cannabis Legalization – (HF 4632) – MN Cannabis Laws & News

Minnesota Cannabis Legalization - (HF 4632) - MN Cannabis Laws & News #MinnesotaCannabisLegalization (HF 4632) A bill to legalize cannabis is working its way through Minnesota's...

How to Appeal Your Cannabis License Denial in Illinois – Complete guide to lawsuits & amendments

Are you one of the 680 teams that did not make it into the Lottery? What can you do? Watch this and find out...

Cannabis News – Mississippi to vote on medical marijuana, Navy bans CBD products, and more

Miggy and Tom discuss the news of the week in this episode of Cannabis Legalization News.   https://youtu.be/cW4w3zvZNI8

Prohibition Killed Juice Wrld

Prohibition Killed Juice Wrld Juice Wrld was a respected rapper and artist whose life ended tragically at the age of 21. Miggy gets into his arrest...

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