Ohio Marijuana Activist Michael Willett Joins The Cannabis Conversation

Ohio cannabis activist, Michael Willett, joined Miggy420 on this episode of The Cannabis Conversation. They discuss the Ohio cannabis space, medical marijuana, and how to get your community involved in the fight for legalization. “You have to fight for change, that’s the only way it’s going to happen.” – Michael Willett  

Cannabis Extraction and Distillation – How to Make Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis extracts are a big deal. If you’ve ever hit a dab rig, puffed from a vape, or eaten an edible – you’ve experienced cannabinoids that have been extracted and distilled. But what does this process look like? Fadi Yashruti of Root Sciences joins to guide us through the cannabis extraction and distillation process.  

Weed Delivery – Cannabis Delivery License Types | Uber of Marijuana

Weed Delivery – Cannabis Delivery License Types | Uber of Marijuana Marijuana delivery licenses often are tied to the dispensary – like how most pizzerias had their own delivery drivers before Uber Eats or Grubhub. We explore the cannabis delivery license type. We discuss the MA cannabis delivery license & also what cannabis delivery businesses may look in Illinois. If … Read More

Fireside Chat with Cannabis Legalization News

We hit 5K subs on YouTube! To celebrate we hosted a Q&A and giveaway. In this ‘Ask Us Anything’ we talk about the MORE Act, the DEA’s big goof with CBD, states that could be going legal, and more!  

What is Tegridy? – Influencer Culture in the Cannabis Space

Do we need celebrities in cannabis? Maybe, but we can’t lose integrity for the plant. Miggy gets into his history as a cannabis activist and warns against scammers in the industry. Dan Bilzerian, we’re looking at you. “Farmers are the stars of cannabis.” – Miggy420