Cannabis Activist: A Ghost In The Machine; Page 2

Ghost In the Machine

My first act of cannabis activism at 17 was sending money to Keiko Bonk’s campaign after reading about her campaign in High Times. It was only 5 dollars, but it’s what I could do. I always have felt it was essential to support people willing to be in power and support legalization. What better way […]

Glenn Keeling and Peggysue Kimmel: Ohio Cannabis Medical Raid Victims

Medical Cannabis

  Glenn Keeling and Peggysue Kimmel’s continuing saga of the misguidance of justice is not a unique one in America but is another example of prohibitions’ failure to catch bad guys or even to make America better. Their case is one of the many reasons we have been fighting so long for our inalienable rights […]

A Pot Prisoner Is Just An American Living In The Wrong Time

Pot Prisoner

It’s hard to describe what I do for legalization; I’m famous or at least infamous for being a nice guy when in reality, I’m kind of a dickhead, but I try to use that dickhead energy to change the world. One of the things I try to do is bring hope to prisoners. Wars are […]

Cannabis Activist: The Ghost In the Machine

Ghost In the Machine

How many other causes put your work life at risk? Places of employment aren’t doing random kid fucker checks. There is less stigma around kid fuckers than cannabis users; this isn’t right. The heart of my activism has been championing for people I don’t know. Lives disrupted some even ruined by a bad law. I […]