Cannabis for President 2020?

Keith Stroup Founder of NORML guests on Cannabis Legalization News and discusses everything. Tune in now to hear the quick week in news and the history of the movement.

Three Pillars of Cannabis Licensing

Despite cannabis becoming legal, it does not mean that you can just start selling and growing it – there are requirements to get licensed. Illinois may have created a new pillar beyond the traditional capital and trustworthiness

What to do When Hemp Tests Hot

Your hemp tests hot when its delta-9 THC levels exceed 0.3% by dry weight. Hot hemp is a common problem because of the new industry’s less than stable genetics. Most states provide protections to farmers innocently growing hot hemp. Learn more here:

Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses

Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses – How to Protect Your Grow House From Thieves. Security is almost 26% of your score for cannabis license applications. However, security is way

Infuser License

Infusers licenses for cannabis businesses in Illinois will allow companies to create baked goods, edibles, candy, infused foods, and even beverages.    

How to Win a Cannabis License

Jay Czarkowski from Canna Advisors joins the Cannabis Legalization News broadcast to discuss winning applications and the workings of the cannabis industry.